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Loving the way women are naturally and the perfectness in that.

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Beautifully Natural

Inspired by all elements of art and design, Araks Yeramyan creates her collections with one purpose in mind–to make women feel beautiful. Her genuine love of color and texture can be seen throughout her collections, where each piece evokes the discovery of the unexpected through intimate details, ethereal lightness, and color.

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Taking Care

Looking after ourselves, our workspaces and the planet is a way of life for us. Sustainability is a journey Araks has been on since its inception and it’s one that will continue to grow as solutions evolve. We think of sustainability in a holistic way - from how we take care of our employees and vendors, to the designs we create, the materials we use, and the spaces we work in, everything.

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For me sustainability means creating beautiful pieces that are meant to last so you can love them longer. I believe we need beauty in the world because it prompts us to love and take care of things.

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Explore the world of Araks. Read profiles with members of our community–the partners and creatives that inspire us. Discover the cultural events we’re excited about, and get a look behind the scenes at collections, photoshoots and more.

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Color By Araks

We believe color is a boost for the soul, a luxurious secret, and a personal expression that’s mainly for yourself. Discover how Araks creates your new favorite hues.

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Modest underpinnings rendered in exquisite colors.

~T Magazine, The New York Times.

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