How Detrack Helped SGS Logistics Improve Customer Experience

Find out how Detrack helped SGS Logistics set themselves apart from the competition by implementing driver management technology and helping them fully commit to customer satisfaction.


SGS Logistics offer permanent vehicle and driver hire distribution solutions for Australia’s capital cities. With a specialized service, SGS Logistics were committed to the core task of providing outstanding, dedicated drivers to their customer base. Detrack was able to implement a system that allowed both the business to maximize their efficiency and SGS customers to stay in the loop about their deliveries

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At SGS Logistics, we have been absolutely blown away by how user-friendly, intuitive, cost-effective, and easily implemented Detrack is. We believe Detrack is peerless in the industry when you combine each of these factors.

Luke Sadler

Director I SGS Logistics


In a highly competitive field, it can be difficult to make your services stand out. SGS Logistics knew that providing top notch customer service was key to differentiating them from their competitors, and wanted to implement a system that would allow them to stay in better communication with their customers. GPS tracking and sign on glass technology were at the top of their wishlist, as well as investing in a system that would be simple for their staff and drivers to navigate. 

SGS Logistics also didn’t want a solution that was going to break the bank. With an affordable system, SGS would be able to increase the quality of their service without having to transfer hefty system implementation costs onto their customers. 

“We did not want to invest significant sums of money on expensive hardware systems to offer our customers driver management technology.”

Solution and Implementation

Detrack provided SGS Logistics with a solution that was flexible and cost effective, whilst delivering on all the features they required. It only took SGS two weeks to download and install the Detrack app, test and train drivers, and become experts at using the Detrack system. This meant that there were minimal disruptions to SGS’ workflow whilst getting their new system up and running. 

The Results

After implementing Detrack Systems, SGS Logistics were able to reap the benefits of their hard work: deliverables were achieved, the company was growing and, as is most important, customers were happier than ever. 

SGS Logistics were able to improve customer experience (while reducing costs) by: 

  • Providing an automated real-time proof of delivery system 
  • Allowing both drivers and customers to provide immediate real-time feedback 
  • Generating KPIs from the downloadable delivery data 
  • Allocating jobs more efficiently as drivers’ exact location was known at all times

With improved data collection and KPI tracking capabilities, SGS Logistics were able to implement more flexible pricing strategies and charge according to cost-per-carton. Through this, customers were given greater insight into the company’s performance on a weekly basis, allowing them to feel more confident in SGS’ capabilities and transparency. 

Through these strategies, SGS Logistics were able to reduce the carton rate of one customer by 48%, ultimately leading to an increase in their delivery efficiency. With more efficient processes and greater transparency, SGS Logistics were set up to continue exceeding their customer’s expectations.

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