How Detrack Serves Logistics Service Providers

With Detrack, Logistics service providers are able to expertly manage their deliveries and keep their clients informed at every step. Customer discrepancies and drivers ‘falling off the map’ will no longer be an issue with Detrack’s Dashboard and E-PODs.

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Keep Track of Drivers

Monitor driver position and view all your deliveries from a single dashboard.

Automatic E-PODs

Get E-PODs automatically sent once deliveries are completed.


Reduce customer calls and complaints by keeping them up to date.

Every driver has positive things to say about the app and other businesses we work with are equally impressed by it. There are also other businesses asking us how they can use it as well.

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Chuck Williams

Why Choose Detrack?

With over 260 million proof of deliveries captured, businesses trust Detrack’s Delivery Management Software. Detrack is focused on the things that make a real difference to you and your customers: efficient live vehicle tracking and electronic proof of delivery (E-POD), made accessible through our Android / iOS app. And it’s really easy to get started.

Download The App

Available for iOS and Android, the Detrack app is all you need to get started

Add Your Vehicle and Deliveries

So you can begin to manage jobs through your dashboard.

Start Delivering!

Explore Detrack’s wide range of features and start delivering smoothly.

No More Stress Around Customer Discrepancies

Use automatic E-PODs to settle customer disputes and complaints about receiving incorrect orders. Each Detrack E-POD will include a list of items sent along a timestamp of the completed delivery and location, so you can cross check easily.

Get The Complete Picture

Detrack makes it easy to manage your entire fleet from the comfort and convenience of your desk. Detrack’s dashboard lets you know where every truck is at a single glance, reducing time spent chasing up drivers.

Manage Cash-On-Delivery

With tools to manage cash-on-delivery jobs, you can make sure that drivers are entering correct amounts. And, with a ‘Ka-Ching!’ sound programmed to remind your drivers, they will remember to collect the amount needed.

Retrieve E-PODs When You Need Them

With Detrack’s cloud based system, E-PODs can be accessed by customer service reps anywhere and anytime. E-PODs are available for up to 5 years in the cloud, meaning you’ll never be caught out.

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Live Delivery Tracking

Instant Delivery Notifications

Robust E-Proof of Delivery

World-class Customer Support

Easily manage your deliveries — start live tracking your fleet and sending instant E-POD today.

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