Who Uses Detrack?

Detrack is used by businesses across a range of industries and sizes: from independent contractors through to the fleet managers of multinational corporations. If you’re a business of any size looking to improve your last mile delivery efficiency, then Detrack is for you.

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Logistics Service Providers Trust Detrack

With Detrack’s logistic management software, couriers save precious time and minimize backend handling. Real-time tracking and E-PODs make it easy to keep track of your fleet, whilst delivery notifications, tap-to-track and sub-user access options allow you to cater to hundreds of contract customers within a single, powerful system.

Let your customers allow recipients to live track their deliveries.

Send automatic customer notifications to prevent failed deliveries.

Allow your contract customers to manage and track their own deliveries.

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Thank you for a great system. Detrack works very well for us, it really improves our customer satisfaction for our deliveries which is a very important part of our business.

Anne Domican

Fleming Florist

Understand why hundreds of logistics service providers across the world chose Detrack.

Retailers Delight Customers With Detrack

Detrack allows retailers to let customers track their own deliveries, minimizing the need for customer service calls and chasing deliveries. As a retailer, you’ll save time and money and keep your customers happy. And we all know that a happy customer is more likely to become a return customer.

Minimize customer enquiries with delivery tracking.

E-PODs let retailers resolve enquiries quickly.

Cloud storage makes remote access to records easy.

See how our users increased their efficiency with Detrack.


Premium Wine Delivery focuses on a last mile wine delivery and Detrack is the perfect partner for us. We match our dedicated service with the cutting edge features of Detrack to provide wineries with the visibility they need while solving the wine industry’s last mile delivery issue in Texas.

Aneta Cwain

Co-Founder & COO I Premium Wine Delivery

Understand why hundreds of retailers across the world choose Detrack.

Medical and Pharmaceuticals Companies Rely on Detrack

When you’ve got high value and sensitive goods on board, you need to know the right certifications (HIPAA and ISO27001) are keeping them safe. Use Detrack to capture detailed proof of delivery, including time, geo-tag, signature and multiple photo proofs. With full last mile visibility you’ll keep your customers in the loop and prevent expensive failed deliveries. Take advantage of Detrack in your own team or with subcontractors, and ensure a consistent level of service at all times.

HIPAA and ISO27001 certified to keep private data safe.

Capture detailed proof of delivery instantly.

Reduce failed deliveries with automatic customer notifications.

See how SGS Logistics improved customer satisfaction with Detrack


Every driver has positive things to say about the app and other businesses we work with are equally impressed by it. There are also other businesses asking us how they can use it as well.

Chuck Williams

Metro Courier Inc.

See why leading organizations choose Detrack for critical medical & pharmaceutical deliveries.

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Furniture and Home Appliance Distributors Improve Efficiency With Detrack

Using Detrack, furniture and home appliance distributors can capture proof of delivery and service after the deliveries are done, or the installation of furniture is completed. And importantly, prevent expensive failed deliveries with better customer communication.

Keep a record of deliveries and installations with E-PODs.

Keep track of vehicle location throughout the day.

Automatically notify customers at key points in the delivery process.

Understand why distributors rely on Detrack to create a seamless delivery experience.

Construction Material Distributors Manage More Using Detrack

Detrack helps construction materials distributors to keep track of exactly where their drivers are throughout the day. This vital, real-time visibility allows them to foresee challenges and quickly make changes such as reassigning loads.

Collect accurate data to pinpoint issues

Assign and reassign jobs in the last mile

Manage the entire day’s delivery statuses at once

See how our users increased their efficiency with Detrack


Understand why distributors rely on Detrack to create a seamless delivery experience.

Food and Beverage Distributors Rely on Detrack

If you’re in the food and beverage industry, you need a wide range of options to support your unique deliveries. We can help — Detrack is everything you will need for efficient food and beverage delivery (and nothing you won’t). Easily handle collections, enjoy line item descriptions for check off, and manage partially damaged deliveries.

Customize your E-POD with your terms, line item description and costs.

Capture precise E-POD with time and location to create an audit trail for fast recalls.

Automatically notify recipients as their perishables get closer to arriving to reduce spoilage.

See why our food and beverage clients use Detrack.


Easy to use and configure — fantastic driver application that is user friendly and simple yet very functional. Customer feedback has been very impressive. Thank you for producing such a fantastic product

Shane Monk

Monkat Food Service Logistics

Discover why the food and beverage industry relies on Detrack for timely and reliable deliveries.

3PL Providers Know Detrack will Deliver

3PL Providers need to both provide a high quality delivery service and keep their clients in the loop. With Detrack’s sub-user feature, 3PL providers can allow clients to see and track all their pending or completed deliveries. Communications just got easier.

Ka-Ching! Easily remind drivers to collect payments on COD jobs.

Allow clients to view their deliveries and drivers like a bona-fide user

Automatic E-PODs can be used as evidence in customer disputes.

See how our users increased their efficiency with Detrack


Yes, your Detrack service is awesome. I’m glad it supports the feature for our outsourced delivery service company so I can track only our shipments without seeing other shipments from other clients for the same driver!

Faisal A. Almahdi

Advancement of Science Publishing Inc.

Detrack is a powerful, affordable solution for all your needs as a 3PL. Want to feel the difference?

Businesses With Delivery Vehicles Revolutionize Their Last Mile Tracking

Any business that uses delivery vehicles is able to benefit from Detrack, no matter your industry. Discover how Detrack can take the friction out of delivery management and provide customers with high quality service and peace of mind.

Allow customers to track their own deliveries.

Manage your entire fleet from a single screen.

Quickly dispatch jobs straight to your driver’s mobile app.

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