Put Safety First With Contactless Delivery

Leaving safety to chance should never be an option. That’s why Detrack offers you a range of different contactless delivery workflows; they’re easy to implement, so you can start protecting your drivers and customers fast.

Your first driver is FREE – forever.

Keep Drivers Safe

With contactless delivery, drivers can stay protected as they work — even if they’re making dozens of drop offs each day.

Go Paperless

Leave on-paper signatures and PODs behind and invest in a paperless solution for your business.

Sign with Ease

Sign quickly and easily with a range of contactless signing options, and save precious time when every minute counts.

Our customers now have such a smooth and uncomplicated experience when they need to keep track of their deliveries. They feel secure knowing that their deliveries are in good, reliable hands. Our customers currently have more involvement and control with their deliveries with the Detrack system, which ultimately makes them happy as well.

Pece Nackovski

PAN Logistics

Totally amazing app. This is a game changer especially for SMEs in the last mile transportation industry. If there is more to come I can’t wait. This app single handedly made a difference in how we operate and how customers dealt with us. The app was easy for our drivers to use and the dashboard was quick and easy to customize for our business. Customers loved the fact that they got notifications of their delivery and the details of it almost in real time.

Bevan Agard

IT - Ministry of Finance, Trinidad & Tobago


With Detrack’s range of features, contactless delivery is made easy and intuitive. Leave behind time consuming exchanges and flimsy paper PODs and discover how contactless delivery can maximize your business’ efficiency.

Maintain Social Distancing

Two years + into the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s never been more important to make sure that your workforce is abiding by social distancing recommendations. Help protect the most vulnerable part of your workforce, and your vulnerable customers, by maintaining a safe distance. 

Flexible Signing Options

In the modern world, there are so many better ways to sign than with a pen on paper. Using Detrack, you can give your customers the option to sign for their deliveries using SMS. Alternatively, they can scan a QR code to sign on someone else’s behalf. 

Confirmation Made Easy

Confirming that a delivery was made doesn’t have to be challenging (and no longer requires paper documents). Take up to 10 photo proofs of your delivery to protect you and your drivers, and have the option to capture the confirmation screen after the recipient has signed. 

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Experience the full benefits of Detrack’s live delivery tracking and electronic proof of deliveries (E-PODs) solution today. Your first driver is FREE - forever. Sign up for a free account or speak with our sales team to get tracking in no time.

Live Delivery Tracking

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Robust E-Proof of Delivery

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Easily manage your deliveries — start live tracking your fleet and sending instant E-POD today.

Your first driver is free forever.