How Detrack provided PAN Logistics’ customers with Proof of Deliveries

Find out how Detrack helped PAN Logistics satisfy customer requests with real-time Proof of Deliveries.


Founded in 1979, PAN Logistics is trusted by many to provide quality and on-time interstate transport deliveries for customers and their clients. Due to increased expectations and customer feedback, they wanted to elevate their business and implement a system with POD and courier tracking capabilities. They also wanted a way for their large pool of customers to be involved and feel more in control of their deliveries.

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Our customers now have such a smooth and uncomplicated experience when they need to keep track of their deliveries. They feel secure knowing that their deliveries are in good, reliable hands. Our customers currently have more involvement and control with their deliveries with the Detrack system, which ultimately makes them happy as well.

Pece Nackovski

PAN Logistics


With 55% of Australians receiving an online parcel each month, and delivery giants constantly raising the stakes, the race to provide the best customer experience is on.

Customers want, even demand, the ability to track and check delivery statuses in real-time. They want to know where their deliveries are and be notified instantly once it is completed.

PAN Logistics became a trusted transport provider through their continuous efforts to improve their service and recognize their customer’s increased needs and expectations. 

Having complete access to live updates on the delivery process would lead to improvements internally, too. The support team at PAN Logistics needed less hours to keep track of daily deliveries and handle customer enquiries. Delivery drivers faced fewer issues on the road, which saved both manpower and time. Going with a smart delivery management software like Detrack helped PAN Logistics reduce human error and admin time across the board. As an added bonus, their large client base was kept in the loop and felt in control of their deliveries.

The problem we were facing at PAN Logistics was sending live proof of deliveries to our customers.

Solution and Implementation

PAN Logistics started by implementing Detrack on a courier run with multiple drops per day. They were extremely satisfied with the quick turnaround and overall experience – getting up and running took only 10 minutes! 

The Results

Customers are extremely satisfied with PAN Logistics’ newfound ability to provide real-time E-PODs, which allow the company to receive and send updates on delivery statuses instantaneously.

By partnering with Detrack, PAN Logistics now have the ability to:

  • Send pre and post-delivery text messages or emails to customers
  • Track location, speed, distance and the entire delivery progress
  • Make self-booking of deliveries for customers via the PAN Logistics system

These features went a long way in streamlining PAN Logistics’ processes and helping customers feel more involved. They have now reduced staffing costs as less manpower is needed to book deliveries manually. The automation of real-time delivery information (arrival time, time of job completion, etc.) increases productivity as customers are kept informed during the entire last mile delivery. Tedious, manual communications and customer support calls are reduced tremendously as customers now have the ability to track their own deliveries from the PAN Logistics website. PAN Logistics has successfully provided customers with seamless and automated delivery tracking.

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