Utilize Instant Route Optimization for Large Fleets

Save time when you plan hundreds of routes in mere seconds with ElasticRoute. What could take your dispatch team hours is now the click of a button. Plan thousands of stops and re-plan routes when things change suddenly.

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Integrated with Detrack

Optimize your routes in moments, then seamlessly transfer them to your existing Detrack workflow for last mile tracking. It couldn’t be easier to upgrade to our bundle plan — use Detrack and ElasticRoute combined for powerful, simple delivery management.

Plan and Optimize Thousands of Routes in Seconds

Got a lot of planning to do, and need to work around time windows, driver availability, and more? Get reliable optimized routes automatically, planned according to your needs.

Get an ETA for Each Delivery Stop

Route optimization using ElasticRoute will provide an ETA for every stop on your journey, giving you (and your customers) peace of mind.

ElasticRoute team rocks! Very easy to use and easy to set up new profiles. Workflow improved, deliveries per hour improved 25% and 2 vehicle resources were released!

Vanio V

Logistics - Enexus

Very good overall experience. Saves time getting the deliveries out in the morning! ElasticRoute and Detrack work perfectly together without having to export and import using spreadsheets.

Doug P

Pharmaceutical Distributors - Northland Healthcare Products


Save on fuel and labor costs and increase your profits with optimized routes. ElasticRoute’s powerful software plans hundreds of routes for you in mere seconds. Combine that with Detrack’s instant proof of delivery, and you get one simple, powerful and efficient delivery management system.

Eliminate manual route planning with Detrack’s ElasticRoute

If you have a large fleet, it could take your team hours every day to plan routes manually. Save time and lower your costs by generating optimized, reliable delivery routes in seconds. Use manual override tools to work with clients’ special needs. 

Work around your needs with a robust vehicle route planner

Not only can you plan routes in seconds, you can plan them according to constraints such as time frame and assigned zones. Use ElasticRoute with your Detrack account to get more done in a day with the same amount of resources.

Delight your customers, and make management easy

Keep your customers in the loop with accurate ETAs. With automatic notifications triggered by certain events en route, you’ll give better customer service, reduce those endless enquiries, and management becomes a breeze.

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