Impress your Customers with Tap To Track

Delight customers while reducing support calls and missed deliveries with live Uber-style delivery tracking.

Your first driver is FREE – forever.

Reduce Support Calls

No more updating customers on when their shipment will arrive. They can simply tap a link to track their deliveries.

Make it Yours

Personalize your own Tap To Track with your company logo, name, hotline, message and legend descriptions.

Unprecedented Customer Satisfaction

Impress customers with the unique experience of watching their deliveries come to them LIVE on a map – Uber-style!

Everything is working perfectly. And for us, Detrack seems to be one of the best solutions for B2C deliveries. It really took our business to the next level!

Thanks to Detrack, we are the first company in Finland who are sharing driver’s location to end-customers. Detrack has brought us many new customers, and growth is not stopping!

Väinö Välja

Logistics - eNexus OY

Totally amazing app. This is a game changer especially for SMEs in the last mile transportation industry. If there is more to come I can’t wait. This app single handedly made a difference in how we operate and how customers dealt with us. The app was easy for our drivers to use and the dashboard was quick and easy to customize for our business. Customers loved the fact that they got notifications of their delivery and the details of it almost in real time.

Bevan Agard

IT - Ministry of Finance, Trinidad & Tobago


With Tap To Track, customers can see their delivery coming to them live on a map, down to each second. Reduce enquiry calls and let your staff take back their time with the added bonus of customer satisfaction.

Reduce Support Calls

Ever wish your customers could track their own deliveries so they won’t have to call you for updates? Tap To Track makes this a reality as customers receive real-time updates on their delivery along with a dynamic ETA. They’ll know exactly when their shipment will arrive at their doorstep… down to the second.

Make it Yours

Differentiate your brand and make it your own. Personalize your own Tap To Track with your company logo, name, hotline, message and legend descriptions. We’re not here to take away what makes you special!

Unprecedented Customer Satisfaction

Give customers what they can’t find elsewhere with Tap to Track. When they use Tap To Track’s custom tracking link, they will be able to see visuals of the driver icon moving live on the map towards their delivery address. They will also see a dynamic ETA starting from when the driver starts their journey. Keep customers informed of the whole delivery process and watch ratings soar.

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Experience the full benefits of Detrack’s live delivery tracking and electronic proof of deliveries (E-PODs) solution today. Your first driver is FREE - forever. Sign up for a free account or speak with our sales team to get tracking in no time.

Live Delivery Tracking

Instant Delivery Notifications

Robust E-Proof of Delivery

World-class Customer Support

Easily manage your deliveries — start live tracking your fleet and sending instant E-POD today.

Your first driver is free forever.