How Teak & Mahogany Solved its Logistics Problems with Detrack

Find out how Detrack solved Teak & Mahogany’s logistics issues and put them ahead of the competition in terms of customer service.


Teak & Mahogany is an exclusive outdoor furniture and accessories retailer based in Singapore. They wanted a solution that would ensure all delivery issues that might occur to be relayed back to the customer service or sales team. None of the solutions they found fit their criteria, that was, until they landed on Detrack. Detrack has allowed them to deal with any customer issues in real-time, significantly improving their customer service and reducing customer complaints on arrival time to almost zero.

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Detrack has solved our problems very efficiently and put us ahead of our competition in terms of customer service. Simply put – it has done everything we wanted it to do and more. At such an affordable price, it is a must-have for all businesses that deal with deliveries.

Philip Jensen

Teak & Mahogany - Furniture and Home Appliances


Philip Jensen, Export and Marketing Manager at Teak & Mahogany, knew something had to change when a spate of angry customers started raising issues around their deliveries. Internally, tracking deliveries became very inefficient as the team had to call and ask about the status and ETA of each delivery.

Jensen wanted to be able to track deliveries wherever he was in real-time. He wanted to be able to search past dated deliveries quickly instead of rummaging through thousands of signed paper delivery orders. Teak & Mahogany needed highly efficient, trackable deliveries that would allow for easy reference for customer support issues.

Nothing on the market Jensen found was affordable and fully compatible with Teak & Mahogany’s needs. Solutions would cost upwards of S$10,000+ and would also have to be custom-built or integrated into the existing system. User interfaces were complicated and to top it all off, required an annual renewal fee.

Tracking deliveries became very inefficient as the team had to call and ask about the status and ETA of each delivery.

Solution and Implementation

Teak & Mahogany took advantage of Detrack’s first driver free offer and ran a few tests to check its functionality and compatibility with their business. Within an hour they had bought and installed Detrack.

The Results

Greater Efficiency

Teak & Mahogany can now cater for more deliveries in a day and maximize the full use of their resources. From capturing arrival time to when the POD is sent, they are able to calculate and project the time needed for different scales and types of delivery. Use of delivery trucks are optimized with an accurate gauge of time needed for each job.

A Paperless Solution

Detrack’s paperless system meant Teak & Mahogany was able to cut down on 70% of paper used to print paper delivery orders and invoices. This cut costs as they were able to save on ink cartridges needed for printing. Storage needs were reduced for archived paper delivery orders, and most importantly, the nightmare of having to retrieve any paper delivery orders was over.

A+ Customer Service

Teak & Mahogany is now able to not only track deliveries in real-time, but also deal with any customer issues that may arise live as it happens. Emails are sent from the Detrack system to their support staff seconds after a customer signs for a delivery. The support staff can then review every delivery order and deal with any issues within the hour and not days.

The business is also able to answer on the spot when customers call to enquire about delivery statuses. Using the Detrack platform to its fullest, Teak & Mahogany can make use of Detrack’s automated delivery completion emails (with full details of the delivery and photos) to customers. Finally, they are now able to consider live tracking to allow customers greater flexibility to when they should be home to receive a delivery.

As Jensen noted, the improvements in customer communication have been nothing short of phenomenal. After implementing Detrack, the number of customers’ complaints on arrival time have reduced to almost zero. Their service left customers impressed and put Teak & Mahogany ahead of their competition.

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