Construction Material Distributors

Detrack allows construction material distributors to handle large delivery volumes and quick turnaround times with ease. With groundbreaking visibility and the ability to send urgent jobs directly to your drivers, Detrack can help you stop important issues from becoming buried in the noise.

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Last Mile Tracking

View all your vehicles throughout the day and prioritize urgent jobs.


Collect data on key metrics (like driver performance) to identify ongoing issues.

E-PODs on Demand

Keep records of all deliveries and better answer customer enquiries.

Premium Wine Delivery focuses on a last mile wine delivery and Detrack is the perfect partner for us. We match our dedicated service with the cutting edge features of Detrack to provide wineries with the visibility they need while solving the wine industry’s last mile delivery issue in Texas.

Aneta Cwain I Premium Wine Delivery

Aneta Cwain

Why Choose Detrack?

With over 260 million proof of deliveries captured, businesses trust Detrack’s Delivery Management Software. Detrack is focused on the things that make a real difference to you and your customers: efficient live vehicle tracking and electronic proof of delivery (E-POD), made accessible through our Android / iOS app. And it’s really easy to get started.

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Add Your Vehicle and Deliveries

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Start Delivering!

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Manage the Entire Process

With Detrack, you have the delivery statuses for the entire day at your fingertips. With your finger on the pulse of your operation, issues like failed deliveries can be instantly spotted and managed before they escalate.

Transfer Jobs Easily

In construction, materials have to be in the right place at the right time. Easily transfer jobs or allocate to the nearest driver when your short staffed or swamped with deliveries, and avoid disappointing your customers.

Retrieve E-PODs When You Need Them

With Detrack’s cloud based system, E-PODs can be accessed by customer service reps anywhere and anytime. E-PODs are available for up to 5 years in the cloud, meaning you’ll never be caught out.

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Live Delivery Tracking

Instant Delivery Notifications

Robust E-Proof of Delivery

World-class Customer Support

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