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Doxa Watches

Profound innovations and enduring expertise imbue DOXA dive watches with a heritage like no other. Founded in 1889, DOXA remains true to the fastidiousness and horological ingenuity that the Maison’s reputation was built on. DOXA, the Greek term for “glory”, speaks directly to the intention behind each of the house’s exceptional timepieces.

DOXA SUB 300 Carbon

SUB 300 Carbon

The SUB 300 carbon offers a combination of cutting edge technology and aesthetics with the legendary style of the iconic SUB 300.

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Doxa Sub 200 Watches


A reinterpretation of the iconic 1969 model, the limited edition SUB 200 T.GRAPH features the historical original Valjoux 7734 movement.

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About Doxa

DOXA was founded in 1889 by an independent Swiss entrepreneur, Georges Ducommun. Located in Le Locle (NE), in the heart of the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking, the brand has always offered technical watches with thoughtful pricing. Established in its first years (1905), creative (8-day calibre dedicated to automotive), DOXA also distinguished themselves from the competition with their designs (the Grafic watch, 1957).

It’s in the second half of the 20th century that DOXA affirmed its uncontested expertise in technical watches by creating one of the first dive watches available for the wider public, the DOXA SUB. The watch was a long-time companion of Commander Cousteau. Still in production, 100% assembled in Switzerland just like any other DOXA watch, it remains a staple in the dive watch category. More than 130 years after its creation, DOXA is today owned by the Jenny family, who acquired it at the turn of the century.

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